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ITAL (i-tôl) taken from the English word vital to mean pure, natural and unrefined. Can be used to describe clean from unclean or healthy from unhealthy.

Ital, is a terminology that originated in Jamaica, with the rise of the Rastafarians in the early nineteen thirties, and describes the essence of their culture. It dictates a natural way of life and doesn't make any distinction between, or place less or more value on the lives of animals than on humans. It sees everything and its quality, or lack thereof, for what it is. The Ital way is unpretentious, pragmatic, organic and wholesome in its nature. It applies logics to the mundane, asking real questions about the nature of man's appetite. Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat? Is the question. 

It is out of the common practice of Rastas to drop the first syllable of a word and replace it with "i" that brought about a vocabulary that created a language within a language. E.g. create = ireate, universe = iniverse, spirit = irit, meditate = ititate, vital = ital, etc. Ital is to the Rastafarians what Kosher is to the Jews and Halal is to the Muslims. It is the natural way of Rasta and is a consciousness that dictates a discipline that Rastas call livity.

The awareness of self from an organic perspective is the impetus for natural and organic consumerism. But it is the connectedness to non-human animals to the point of their rights and entitlement to life, that more or less makes a vegan vegetarian. Both paradigms are important factors in the context of ital and as such, italist in the strictest sense of the word, follows a code of discipline that cultivates love for life and nature in all it's untouched forms.

By choosing Ital, our motivation is to preserve the natural environment and to protect it's lifeforms from violence. We believe that Ital consciousness in its prorogation, is a valuable asset in promoting health and wellbeing, while restoring balance to the Eco-system. One of the goals of the iRiE Foundation (International Rastafarian Ital Etiquette) is to create growth, through education, in the marketplace while increasing the availability of Ital products and services.

We are a grassroots organization that sees the need to plant seeds and sprout roots, bringing forth the ripest fruits for the future generations.
If you have ever had the experience of holding one of these little chicks in your hand, you will immediately feel the connection. That connection is valuable in our development as human animals. It makes us compassionate and helps us put perspective on how we affect our natural environment's Eco-systems.